What’s Up With This?

My goal for this blog is self-centered.

I hope that by committing to blog entries I can hold myself to the goal to read each of Shakespeare’s sonnets.

My hardbound copy of The Complete Works of Shakespeare numbers them at 154.  However, I will be reading and re-tying them here from the Project Gutenberg edition so that I can read them on my very portable Kindle!

Each entry will include a copy of the sonnet in question, and my analysis, and interpretation of it in essay form.

I will probably not do a great deal of research for three reasons: one, ProQuest and I have agreed to disagree for the continued health of all involved; two, Mrs. Miller isn’t giving me a grade for this though she is welcome to read it; and three, siting sources isn’t going to help me read 154 sonnets!

This site might include more stuff as I go along.  I might read everything we have by Shakespeare.  I might read books about Shakespeare.  I might write about that here.  Who knows?

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